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[pct-l] PCT Wildflowers / Wildlife Pics

I've been working on a "PCT Wildflowers & Plants" photo album that I =
hope to put on-line at TrailQuest before I leave in a few weeks to join =
Brawny on the PCT at Crater Lake.

Also, I'd like to assemble a "PCT Wildlife" photo album and display it =
on-line after I return from the PCT in September.

If anyone has sharp, colorful photos of wildflowers, other plants =
(cactus, chaparral, etc.) or wildlife that were taken on or near the PCT =
in .jpg or .gif format (preferable under 100 KB) that you'd like to =
share, please let me know (or just send the photos as e-mail =
attachments).   If you'd like to be credited with the photo, also please =
provide your real name, trail name or cyber ID that you'd like used.

In addition, we have two wildflower photos that are yet to be =
identified.  If anyone can ID either or both of the species, it will be =

The photo album, which is not yet available for public viewing, can be =
accessed here:

http://www.trailquest.mynet.ws/pctwildflwrs.html .

All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

David Mauldin

To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom

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