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[pct-l] Where will the hikers be July 4?

Last year we started a week before the ADZPCTKO, averaged about 19 mpd and 
were at Pooh's Corner/Donner Pass on July 4th.  It was a terrific place to 
be that day, and wonderful hospitality.  (Imagine your dream 4th of July 
barbeque. Imagine being a very hungry thruhiker.  Imagine having every one 
of your barbeque food fantasies offered to you when you arrive.) While the 
really fast hikers passed us before then, the bulk of the hikers were still 
behind us at that point.


Roy said:
A hiker who started at the ADZ, on April 28, and was traveling 20 mpd, would
be somewhere between Sierra City and Burney Falls on July 4.  Both of those
places are nice to visit.  Belden is between these two, but there's not a
whole lot to occupy your time there.

The leaders, doing 25 mpd or more, will be past Castella (Dunsmuir) by the
4th.  Snow is not going to slow the hikers much this year unless they're too
late getting to the northern Cascades.

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