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[pct-l] The Connection, Thru-hikers & Trail Angels

 Ponder this if you may? Why do us old Thru-hikers enjoy helping current 
thru-hikers?? There must be more than a handful of reasons. One that sits on 
top of the list would be the thankfulness a thru-hiker shows for even the 
smallest of kindness that people in NORMAL circles of life  seldom show. If 
you give a thru-hiker a 12oz. can of coke, they show more joy than if you buy 
your own teenie bopper a new stereo. I think the joy of giving is really 
under used in this day and time and few groups are so truely thankful as  
half-starved thru-hikers. The daily " Me-First" crowd out in the main stream 
public will never know the joy that a trail angel gets from randon acts of 
kindness. The water stashers never get to meet 1/10 of the people they help 
each year, yet are willing to toil many hours to help. Places like Camp Anza, 
Donna's, pooh corner and others will be remembered as well as any High Siarra 
Tarn just because of the warmness these people add to the PCT. Long Live the 
Trail Angles of the PCT and many thanks!!