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[pct-l] A few changes on the southern section?

Been out on a walk the last 4 weeks, so excuse me if these topics have been 
covered lately.

1. I noticed what looked like a big drilling rig, digging a water well a 
1/4 mile south of the Camp Anza Water Stash. They were set up right on the 
fence line next to the dirt road that borders BLM land. So I am wondering. 
Is there any chance that well is being dug for public access, or is it 
involved with the network of roads in the area that looks like a empty 

2. At the south end of the Piute Mountains between Golden Oaks Springs and 
Hamp Williams Pass there is a nice quite spot were an east-west road 
crosses the trail. (There is a "Miller Springs" labeled on the map just to 
the west. Just on the north side of the road (private land) there is a 
fancy looking wind monitor tower, but no wind turbines in the area yet.  I 
am wondering, is this a future site for more wind turbines? I was talking 
to a person in Mojave who mentioned that the BLM was leasing land for Wind 
Turbine installations.  So in the process of building these wind turbine 
sites, I would think there would be some opportunity for the public to give 
there input into the whole process.  Does anyone out there have a source of 
information on future wind turbine sites along the PCT?

By the way, had a great trip. Thanks to Bob R. for Campo trailhead 
support.  Warner Springs was a great break. Got a good deal on a room in 
the middle of the week. Apparently Tuesday is pool cleaning day, so a good 
day to get a room. Whites Motel in Mojave was also a great break.  I used 
the towns of Palmdale, and Ridgecrest for bus transportation links. That 
worked well for me.

Ken R.