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[pct-l] RE: The Coffee Debate

Hey Bob,

    You can have your Kenya AA; you'll get the best Kenya from Peet's!
Meanwhile I'll stay with my Sumatra in the morning to wake me up while I
listen to and read the news. In the afternoon to reawaken after my nap, I
want Peet's French Roast; also French Roast in the evening as desert.

    Only drawback to backpacking -- coffee grinder is a little heavy to
    Second drawback to thru-hiking (like Jardine) -- no time to even smell
the coffee let alone savor a cup or two.


"Robert E. Riess" wrote:

> I vote for Kenya AA beans ground fresh and fine.  Debate's over.  I win.
> YEEHAH.  Hike on!! Bob Riess at the Trailhead in SD.

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