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[pct-l] where will the through-hikers be July 2-6?

Last year there seemed to be a lot of thru-hikers
between Red's Meadow and Yosemite around the 4th of
July.  It was great to see so many of them (they were
very easy to spot! Very fast and very tan...) I wonder
if this year's crowd will be even further north during
that time? 
--- David planning PCNST <pcnst@oakapple.net> wrote:
> I had been planning to do my next stretch of PCT
> over July 4 from a base
> at Kennedy Meadows, but the remarkable progress
> reports suggest it might
> be more fun to be much farther north and watch the
> through-hikers zoom by.
> Where do you think the median ultimately-successful
> through-hiker will 
> be on July 4?
> In the meantime, I will be starting on another
> project I'm unlikely to
> complete, on the CDT in the vicinity of Vail, June
> 14-16.
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