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[pct-l] Starbucks verses the PCT

Hey Monte,

    There is ONLY ONE REALLY GOOD coffee -- that is Peet's from the SF Bay Area.
The original Mr. Peet taught Starbuck's founders everything they know about
coffee but they didn't learn much. They are marketeers not coffee connoisseurs.

    (and now for a great coffee debate . . . <g>)

Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>   We don't have much sun up here in Washington , but we have  2 coffee shops
> for every gas station. ( Or Tully's, or Seattle's Best)  All Washington
> Hikers are caffeine addicts. ( If you go to downtown Seattle , Washington
> Natives are the ones without umbrellas. ( Just a backpack over one shoulder
> and a latte in one hand) On a more serious note,,,, I can't believe how fast
> this year's PCT group are going!!  Singing Steve ( My neighbor and climbing
> partner) is now at K.M. and doing fine. Many hiker's from the kick-off are
> already to KM. Good Job!! Brian has made a good trail for them over Forester
> already and seems to be on target