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[pct-l] Starbucks verses the PCT


Sounds like Brian needs a "Latte and a Breakfast Cookie (about 700 calories
each cookie)
Now what do you think, if I put 2 pkts of Instant Coffee with some powdered
milk, (the coffee is the ones that come like tea bags) and send to Brian
along with the Breakfast cookie, do you think it just might taste a little
like a Latte with a double shot.  Oh heck, think I will mail it off to
Beldon CA for him and hope it gets there before he does. (the cookies are
like a meal for me and are made locally, I do not have that talent.)
Marge (the old gal)
P.S. we have Mocha Java's here in Idaho with the White cloud Coffee,
Starbucks is just starting to make an entry.

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  We don't have much sun up here in Washington , but we have  2 coffee shops