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[pct-l] section oand p ammiretis market

Yes. The whole north state (CA) and most of Oregon have below normal
levels of snow.  Both snow and rain were about the lowest since 1922. 
We have already had a forest fires in Siskiyou Co. and Susanville
(Shasta County) has a fire right up to the city limits (Susanville is
right before Reno). This is usually what starts in late June and into

I have family in the central part of Oregon (not on the PCT) and they
have already, by mid May, been able to get to 7000' with NO snow, and,
8000' with minimal snow. A dry year over a very large area.

BTW, there IS a PCT Register in the post office by Castle Crags State
Park and the Ammiretis (spelling doesn't count) store.