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[pct-l] section o

> has anyone been hiking in these sections lately that has info about snow
> levels?
> could those sections be hikable already?

I haven't been there this year, but did section O last year in mid-May. It
was very hikeable then. We had 2 days walking on snow from south of Red Mtn.
until we got past Grizzly Peak and dropped down to Deer Creek. When the
trail was hard to follow we walked the road, and when the side hills on the
road were a problem we just walked the ridge which was easy and gave great
views. Only had a couple very short (8-foot) steep areas, but no ice axes
were needed. The big plus was the roads were still snowed in, so the logging
equipment hadn't started working the clear cuts yet. I thought it was a
great time for that area.


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