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[pct-l] Snow north of Squaw Valley

Here at Pooh Corner with Bill Person and he asked me to report on trail
conditions thus far.  I just started at Squaw Valley and am heading north.
There is a good steep patch of snow to get over just past where you go under
the ski lift up Granite Chief.  I ended up doing a little impromptu butt
glissade there.  There is a stretch of snow on steep sidehill on the north
side of Anderson peak.  Could have used an ice axe, but managed to kick step
my way through.  Finally, there is a very nasty and very steep snow pile
blocking they way to the sidehill traverse at the 8000 foot level on the
east side of Mt. Lincoln.  There was no crossing this, I had to climb up to
the summit of Mt. Lincoln and come down a ski slope into Roller Pass to get
around it.  Meanwhile, there are just small patches elsewhere.  I should add
the wind was furious, at gusts of 60 mph or more, trying to blow me off the
crest.  The wind managed to blow out one of my contact lenses, believe it or
not.  That is a first for me.  But the flowers are out, the views gorgeous,
and plenty of water at this stage.

I suppose most of this snow will be gone by the time the pack gets here,
though.  Good hiking to all.  Doc Hank.