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[pct-l] section o and p/ammiratis market

has anyone been hiking in these sections lately that has info about snow
levels? i passed castle crags last week and didnt see any snow there and my
aunt in round mountain(20 miles west of burney)said there was no snow there.
could those sections be hikable already? 
stopped in and checked out ammiratis market. you can expect to find plenty
of canned food(chili and the like),some fresh food,alittle bit of dried
food(rice and hamburgerhelper types) and lots of beer(all pricey).for an
exstensive resupply id reccomend dunsmuir,but for a couple of days worth it
should be fine. the post office was closed when i went by so i dont know if
their is a trail register inside or not. just be thankfull your walking and
not buying gas there.rob

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