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[pct-l] Kennedy Mdw to Whitney

I'm leaving KM June 16 and going all the way to Yosemite Valley with a
latest-exit date of July 8.  Don't yet know when I'll hit Whitney Portal,
but I suspect it will be before June 23. I'll have fast-moving friends a day
behind me.
Arriving KM June 15.  Look for friend's white VW Eurovan.
I'm just hoping I know my base weight. :-)
John Brennan

>From: Hiker97@aol.com
>Looks like I will be going in on June 16 and coming out at Whitney Portal
on >June 23.  Anyone else planning to do this section?  I hope to have my
non >food/water pack weight under 15 pounds.  Cheers, Switchback