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[pct-l] Book quotation

For those of you who haven't read William O. Douglas's "Of Men and Mountains" 
here's a neat quote.  The context is failing to reach the peak of a mountain, 
but I think it applies equally well to long distance hiking:

"If there is failure, no bitterness follows.  His respect for the mountains 
increases.  He has not failed; he has only discovered the limits of his own 
strength and the power of the universe.  If there has been no niggardly 
effort, no compromise on his part, there is no room for regret.  He stands 
proud and erect, not broken and sad.  He has found a force greater than 
himself.  It is a master whom he admires and respects.  When he is beaten by 
his fellow man, dark hatred may grow in his heart.  When he is beaten by a 
mountain, he bows to it."

Happy trails,

Solar Bear