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[pct-l] Re: Southern Section PCT Water Stashing

It is our pleasure to be able to help out and we look forward to next year's
Kickoff and helping the hikers off to a good start.  Jim is hoping to get
back on the trail one of these days.  In the meantime, we'll have water at
Scissors Crossing 'til June 10th or so.
 Greg, you did a great job steering.....since "no one's in charge", perhaps
"steering" is as good a term as any.....and thanks again to Tom for the past
couple of years getting it off the ground, and to Bob "for all you do" and
its plenty....and to Charlie, who makes sure we've got all the water areas
Anne Riedman and Jim Wermers
BTW:  there were 26 gallons left after last week....Charlie, we can pick up
your chain for you, or you can stop by and take it; we'll go back around the
10th or thereabouts and take down the site. We can take down Lucky 5,
too....just let us know if you do it first.