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[pct-l] Everest verses PCT

 More people have topped Everest than have thru-hiked the PCT. Last four days 
, 94 climbers have topped this Peak. Soon , climbers will be standing in line 
with their " Fast Pass" like Disneyland to climb this hill. Four years ago 
their were less than 800 PCT thru-hikers compared to 867 Everest Climbers. My 
point is than the PCT is at least as much comitment and effort as doing a 
trip to the top of Everest. More people lose their lives on Everest for sure, 
and danger is high, but as far as doggy dog grinding each day, a PCT 
thru-hike is right up there!! Hike like the wind and use alcohol to cook 
with. Anyone using something else is second rate! ( TIC) Mad Monte