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[pct-l] Re: misc. comments

> ... OR promise to be insect 'free' due to such little water.

We've the opposite down here in San Diego, with winged critters 
of all types (except for mosquitoes) buzzing around day hikers
excursioning in the Cuyamacas and Cleveland Forest - they're 
both within 45min of our sprawl.  Wildflowers are rampant as 
well, with one entry in a summit box journal listing over 
thirty-five species in bloom last Sunday on the 3mi trailline 
to the peak. In places, other trails pass through strongholds 
of one species or another, with the aromatic symphony quieting 
there, as first-class first chair solos waft across aural and 
visual and spiritual landscapes absent in suburban banality. 
Lasting maybe fifty paces, such singular passages offer manageable 
degrees of complexity in nurturing doses.  Walking in the 
backcountry has no other option than to be sensual.  Leave work 
early - before rush hour...  Stay out into dusk... Spy on the 
world we are part of. Swim in its currents. Smile at how beautiful 
it all is.