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[pct-l] First hike in Oregon

I'll add two more good ones:

Ramona Falls.  Up towards Mount Hood - incredible Rhodedendrums (I can't
spell...) leading up to the falls which is spectacular itself.
Silver Falls.  This is South East of Salem on the way to Detroit Lake.
Another multitude of waterfalls cascading right down past the trail.  A must


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Also, Hamilton Mountain next to Beacon Rock on the Washington side. Has 
waterfalls, ridge, view of Mt. Hood. 8 miles round trip. Bring water. 
Opposite Oregon's Eagle Creek (go to Tunnel Falls - about 12 miles round 

Also, Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountains on Mt. Hood 1 mile West of Ski Bowl 
(Highway 26). 6 miles to ridge round trip. 3 miles round trip to lake. On a 
clear day you can see South to the Sisters and North to Rainier. Often windy

at top. Snow patches past lake.

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>Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge.  Can't beat it!
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>Hey all,
>I move to Portland in 3 days, and I'd like to go hiking next weekend.
>Does anyone have any suggestions for a memorable first hike in the
>Portland area?
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