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[pct-l] misc. comments

Good heavens, you sure can tell the 'nice' weather is here!  Cannot
believe how few messages there have been of late.  Hopefully we are all
enjoying the season we so love (most of us, that is).

As Reg. Co. for No. CA and my Area Co. (hope you are adequately
impressed with all the capitol letters) drove up to both Gumboot Lake
and Gumboot TH. NO snow at 6460' (p.455).  Water is really not going to
be available this season (other than lakes). There are virtually no
creeks, seeps or springs that we'd normally have into July (+/-). Parts
of OR promise to be insect 'free' due to such little water.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw the above out to the group, for whatever
its worth.