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[pct-l] 60 miles on the PCT

>  Steve - when you hiked this do you remember if you were able to drive
>  White River Falls and just how far it was from the PCT.  I am doing this
>  section Stevens to Rainey Pass and if possible I would like to get a
>  resupply someplace. This is a long section and that's why I ask.
your best bet for a resupply before rainey pass would be the kennedy hot
springs turnoff. 2 miles to the hot springs 5 more to the trailhead on the
white chuck river road #23. another option would be to take the milk creek
trail out to the suittle river trailhead 7.5 miles. you could return the
same way or loop back on the suittle river trail(thus skipping the climb of
vista ridge). rob

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