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[pct-l] 60 miles on the PCT

In a message dated 5/21/2001 10:20:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
margepr@sunvalley.net writes:

> Steve said:
> <<<<<<<<< MY boy scout troop 2 of Wenatchee Washington led by the late,
> great Bob Capps, hiked not 50, but 60 MILES of the PCT from
> Stevens Pass to White River Falls.>>>>>>>>>>>>
> Steve - when you hiked this do you remember if you were able to drive into
> White River Falls and just how far it was from the PCT.  I am doing this
> section Stevens to Rainey Pass and if possible I would like to get a
> resupply someplace. This is a long section and that's why I ask.


I'm not sure if Steve  remembers this section, but looking back (to last 
year) it is one of the longest sections without road access.  Stehekin, of 
course, is only accessible by ferry or sea plane, nearly a 100 trail miles 
from Stevens Pass.  Rainy Pass, although only 20 trail miles, is many miles 
via roads, back over the chain from Stehekin.  You'll probably beat the car 

There are a number of spur trails off the PCT, prior to Stehekin, listed in 
the data book, although I have no idea where they lead, you could probably be 
resupplied using them.  If I was going to be in the area, I'd do it for you.

Best of hikes,  Sly

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