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[pct-l] Steve's Final Note (for now)

greetings folks, probably tired of seeing my name today. =20

I had some deep thought after today's exchange (imagine that)=20
and have realized my interest in and/or value to the PCT-L has=20
run its course.

My love affair with the PCT started way back in '78 when my=20
boy scout troop 2 of Wenatchee Washington led by the late,=20
great Bob Capps, hiked not 50, but 60 MILES of the PCT from=20
Stevens Pass to White River Falls.  Awe, laughter and tears are
my memories.

I kinda forgot about the trail for years while rock-n-rolling=20
and such then found a renewed enthusiasm for the trail and hiking=20
when it became obvious my bands were not gonna be on MTV.

I found the PCT-L when searching for avenues for this January's=20
note I posted in several places looking for a hiking partner=20
for the JMT this summer.  Not realizing where I was, or who I=20
was typing to I immediately pissed off Jim and Jenny Owen,=20
and another nice older hiker when they responded to my ad=20
with advice about the duration and time of year I had chosen. =20
I immediately yelled (typed) "hike your own hike" at the top
of my keyboard, then realized the scope and importance of all=20
the users here.

I've provided all the little help I could by posting some info=20
I found and throwing out as many jokes as I could to make some=20
heavy issues a little lighter, but many have realized I'm
still too young and selfish to provide real help such as rides,=20
etc. and havn't the trail miles to provide real useful information=20
to anyone - just theories and the like.

While the emails have been pouring in, I've found a little usefull=20
information and lots and lots of laughs courtesy of the many sharp=20
folks here with whom I share the trail.   But Ron's note about hiker=20
entertainment got me thinking.  It would be hipocritical for me to
be so critical of one's supposed mis-use of the list, than continue
to constantly post my own entertainment oriented banter. My sense of =
tends to run a different road than most of the grounded mindsets here=20
on the list.  And if everyone isn't pissed at me about something I've=20
written along the way, they probably will be in the future.  So, at this =

time I must do as I've laughed at, and kindly ask Brick to remove me=20
from the list, as the automated list removal doesn't work easily, at=20
least not for boneheads like us, the ones who must ask to be removed =

Lastly, my girlfriend talked me into going to Europe this summer instead =

of hiking the JMT, so I'm really just a delattante day hiker again until =

next year.

Hopefully I'll type at y'all again in the future,  when I'm planning on=20
some REAL hiking again.

thanks all,


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