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[pct-l] drawing the line

Steve writes >> Good:  hiking group list supported by hiking
enthusiasts volunteering their time for a good cause. <<

"A Good Cause."  - ie. Something everybody wants and no one is willing to
pay for. 

Helping someone without a home, find one. -  Good Cause.
Helping some who's sick, get well. -  Good Cause. 
Helping feed the hungry. -  Good Cause.
Keeping bored hikers entertained. - Not a Good Cause.  

It is however, one that some people don't mind doing. So my thanks to Brick
and Ryan for being willing to spend their time and money to make this

The answers to how you continue to fund sites like Hike the Wild, PCTHiker
or even the PCTA's website are still for the most part unknown. Regardless
of our biases, advertising still pays the bills for most of the net. In
order to eliminate banners and such, are you willing to pay for access to
these site. If not, who will. 

Personally, I'm off to see "the Wizard". See you in a couple of weeks!

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak