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[pct-l] Introduction

David Johnson wrote:

> Greetings to all on the list.  My name is Dave Johnson, live in
> southern Minnesota, and am new to the list.  Will retire the middle of
> July and am contemplating a south to north thru-hike in 2002.  My hiking
> experience is limited to 3-4 day trips in the Tetons.  My basic equipment
> is old; a Lowe Expedition pack and a Svea 123.  Nothing else is serviceable
> anymore so am open to lots of suggestions: equipment, food, planning,
> training, resupply, etc.  My knowledge for this endeavor is at "0" so
> everything should help.  Thanks for any help.


    Just stick around and listen. Soon information will be coming out your
ears! Lots of good advice here; course sometimes one bit of good advice
conflicts with another.