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[pct-l] secret for pct-l members only


I assure you my intentions are pure. I have had much support from PCT list
members, from visiting the site to contributing good information. Like I
stated before, I may not be able to give much. If I lived in Califorinia,
Oregon, or Washington I'd be able to give rides to hikers, stash water, or
help maintain trails, but since I currently reside in San Antonio and have a
toddler to care for it makes it kinda hard to help out that way. If I could
give them a straight donation out of my pocket I'd do it, but I'm a stay at
home mom in a one paycheck family. If I can get Hike the Wild to start
earning a profit, then not only will I be able to contribute to my family
but I will be able to give to those who support me and would love to be able
to pay the writers who share their work on Hike the Wild.

I have recieved an ok from Brick if I post items pertaining to my site if
they are related to PCT. I avoid posting any time I make a change to the
site or add something I feel is not relevant here because that to me is
along the lines of spamming the list, which I do not want to do.

I was not sure on the direction I was going to take with Hike the Wild until
I just happened to get in touch with the guy who did the AT for an
interview. This led to my investigating the other thru hikes, as well as
planting the personal seed to thru hike the PCT myself some day. (now my 13
year old daughter wants to join me) While I have spent much time in the
backcountry and have done some mountain climbing, I have much to learn
before attempting a thru hike. For instance I never considered using a tarp
before and recently left my tent at home for a one nighter to experiment
with one. (A story worth sharing some time!) The concepts of ultra light are
fairly new to me, though I've always tried to keep the load from getting too
heavy. I also was intimidated with the logistics of planning a five month
hike until reading the posts here.

This is simply my way of giving back. I do not appologize if this offends
you. I owe great thanks to many people on this list. To name a few: Henry
Shires, Jonathon Ley, John Vonhof, and Mountain Dave. Then there are the
listers that have subscribed for site updates, the unknowns who have visited
my site and maybe clicked on an ad, and the many people that have already
hiked the trail who post their knowledge here. Thank you, thank you, thank

Hike the Wild editor and PCT hiker wanna be

PS - and yes feel free to contact me directly at my email address.

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from hike the wild:

>Each time you make a pledge to this site, you'll also be able to
>enter a comment or suggestion that will be e-mailed directly to
>the editor of HikeTheWild.com. Your comments and suggestions
>are used to help shape the direction of the content of the site.

pssssst (in whisper voice) the editors email address is
(look both ways) wordwitch@mindspring.com

My advice to the PCTA - don't spend the $1.18 in once place.


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