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[pct-l] secret for pct-l members only

In a message dated 5/18/2001 12:12:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
scourtway@bpa-arch.com writes:

> pssssst (in whisper voice) the editors email address is 
> (look both ways) wordwitch@mindspring.com
> My advice to the PCTA - don't spend the $1.18 in once place.

Come on now, she's putting up good stuff written by hikers, many of which are 
on this list.  Not only that, she's not all that, and respects those that 
have traveled before her.

Atleast, she's giving something back to the trail.  Take her $1.18, and 
another from everyone else that gives a hoot and you have something there.  

Along the same lines, but on the opposite hand, isTrailtrash Jerry.  Who 
frequents this list with his ads for BackpackGear, yet I cannot remember the 
last time he contributed to a list on a subject other than his own.  


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