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[pct-l] alcohol stoves....

I just used mine for the first time in the wild (as opposed to in the
kitchen or backyard being a gear geek) this weekend. I used Everclear, and
it didn't take long to boil. I didn't time it, but I can tell you that it
was a VERY short time. I also used a windscreen, which I'm sure helped. To
elevate it off the stove I used 3 tent stakes. I was skeptical at first
about how easy it would be to set the pot up on tent stakes, but it was
surprisingly effective. However, I did some experimenting, and apparently
you can set the pot directly on the stove with no problem and the flames
will just come from the holes. Nice. Finally, I'll probably never use my
MSR or Peak1 again.

Happy cooking,

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Tom Hopkins wrote:

> OK, so I got my new alcohol stove from the tin can stove man[cash is in
> the mail tcsm]. Now: how much fuel does it take to boil a pint of water?
> What do you use for a base to put your pot on? Please don't say rocks!!!
> Do aluminum dryer vents work as wind screens and platforms for your pot?
> I am planning to do a section on the PCT and AT this year and I am
> considering using alcohol.....
> sleepless in sacramento
> happy trails
> Tom
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