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[pct-l] Thanks to all!!

 Thank You Bob Reiss for your time, money and effort!! Thanks to Tom Reynolds 
for the same as well  as Hydro-Man Strider!!! Also great seeing you Trailmix 
again and sorry you didn't get to hike a week with us. Thanks to Roy and 
Brian Robinson for letting me share a day in Brian's big trip. Enjoyed hiking 
with old cronies Swiss and Jeff, plus new ones Anne , Dave , Nick, UK Tony. 
Had fun making stoves and enlighting future Thru-hikers of the joy of alcohol 
cooking!! Thanks to the Julian Lodge Bed and Breakfast who fed us like Kings 
and to that entire town for being so kind to dirty and starving hikers! 
Enjoyed seeing Ron Moak and wish he had time to hike as well. Glad to see 
Joann ( Go Forth) make it down as well. The kick-off was better than a family 
reunion and class reunion combined. Thru-hikers and long distance hikers are 
a very small community in this world and a special breed of people which are 
some of the best folks on the planet. The love and trust for each other is 
surpassed by no other group( Yee Ha) Thanks again to Charlie and all the hard 
working water stashers and to Donna and family, Meadow Ed and other trail 
angels for being so kind and making the thru-hiker experience a great 
LIFELONG memory. RightOn!!!!!  PS I wish I had more time at the kick-off to 
talk as I could have talked to each person there an hour an still needed more