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[pct-l] (Guest Post) UK Hiker at pct White Pass 10 July 2001

* Message posted to PCT-L from the National Scenic Trails Website
* by our guest John Price <j.b.price@lineone.net>.
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>To Portland friends of Pacific Crest Trail
>I am advised that this e-mail could lead to some much needed assistance. I am joining the pct at White Pass on 10 July to join UKRay Riches and Ron 'Fallingwater' Moak. Ray and I plan to hike to Manning. I am arriving Portland on evening of 8 July and need to set-up 3/4 weeks resupply on 9th. Can any pct angel out there direct/assist an 'innocent abroad UK limey' hiker to/with suitable accommodation on 8/9th, supermarts for gorp etc/fuel/drift boxes and post offices.I have so far managed to secure a hitch to WP.
>Many, many thanks in anticipation
>John Price