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[pct-l] Re: [cdt-l] Some last minute questions/comments...

<< I think there is only one PO in each of those towns....If you do
 an on-line search of the yellow pages, you can get the right zip for the
 Post Offices.  Or check the list on Jim Wolf's page. >>

Try this:  Go to usps.com, the website for the postal service.  Click on " 
Locate Post Offices". This is supposed to give you your nearest p.o. when you 
put in your address.  Put in the zip code if you know it and/or the town and 
state and (here's the key!), for the required delivery address, put in 
"General Delivery".  You will get the address and phone number of the post 

I've used this to call the post office - to redirect food packages or drift 
boxes.  The postmasters at small on-the-trail po's are almost always able to 
bend the rules if they need to, to get the job done for hikers.  They are all 
Trail Angels.