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[pct-l] The Pink Motel on a Lovely Night

I picked up Swiss Miss (PCT 2000, AT 1998) and Lucia, both nurses from 
Switzerland, last night at the Pink Motel.  It was a clear, warm night with 
enough starlight to illuminate the mountain profiles and the Pink Motel on 
the horizon as I walked up the road from my car.  It would have made a fine 
time exposure photo shot.

Jerry Smith, Margo (the "other one"), Brawny, John and about four or five 
others were found lounging around having had a great barbecue and enjoying 
the fine hospitality of the Middeltons.  

Anyone have the Middleton's address?  I'd like to send an invitation to the 
ADZ to them next year.  I stopped by their home on the way out last night but 
I think they had hit the hay by then and no one responded to my greetings.

There was a lot of discussion going on about JoAnne Lennox and her horse and 
whether she and it were okay and concerns about their whereabouts.  
Apparently several people on a horse packing list were taking 
cruelty-to-animal shots at JoAnne.  Anyone know where she is now?  
"Crestrider" rode out of Lake Morena on Sunday of the ADZ with her to lend 
support because JoAnne's horse wasn't doing well.

I almost had to tear Claudia and Lucia away, they like others that I have 
picked up there didn't want to leave.  I hate being the messenger but love 
visiting the Pink Motel and talking with the now fairly seasoned thruhikers.  

Who wanted Jerry Smith's coordinates for Kelty?   I've got them, email me off 

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel