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[pct-l] Oregon bulge

>From yesterday's AP wire:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- A significant bulge in the earth's crust has
developed over the past four years near volcanoes in central Oregon, but
it's not clear whether it could mean a volcanic eruption any time soon,
geologists said Tuesday.

The bulge -- nine to 12 miles across and about 4 inches high -- was detected
by satellite radar, said Willie Scott, a USGS scientist at the agency's
volcano lab in Vancouver, Wash.

The bulge is located near the Three Sisters, a trio of volcanoes at the
center of the Cascade Range in Oregon.

Full story at

2001 hikers: Watch for hot spots--and not just the ones on your heels.

Craig: Please update planner with new elevations.

Everybody: Please calculate the difference this'll make in total vertical
gain based on different ruler lengths. Is it just 4 inches? Is it 3 raised
to the 4th power, which is, in fact, 81?

Oh, to be out hiking...