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[pct-l] burly hikers

i'm doing a project for a scociogeography class regarding early history of mountianeering in the Mt. Baker area.  some pretty cool stuff, thought you all would get a kick out of it:  Joe Morovits, first solo acesnt of mt. baker in 1892.  instead of crampons and ice axe, used butt of rifle to dig foot holes in order to reach the summit.  other mountianeering expeditions of the era included teams hualing camra equipment, (50 extra pounds) up to the summit.  made me feel very lucky to have modern hiking gear, but these guys did it the hard way, and maybe the only pure way.  ie:  had to hike to the mouth of the nooksack river, then canoe/walk up it for five days, untill finally begining the actuall climb, and some had to travel to the nooksack from out of town, hiking 20-30 miles.  but that brings more questions, like what is pure?  does the definition change as the times change?  anyway, something to think about                   mary


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