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[pct-l] water update at Scissors Crossing

Hi everyone:    We had a great time at the KO; nice to see everyone again.
Good contest, good food, good folks.  Jim and I (Anne)have been supplying
the water stash at Scissors Crossing and at Lucky 5 (with Charlie & Laura).
Thought we'd share our report with y'all.

We ran into Meadow Ed and Hal at Scissors Xing May 2, checking the sites and
shuttling hikers here and there.  Their report:  Mason Valley Rd is totally
dry (p.61).little water in the trough.  Rodriguez...the spigot is padlocked,
but the padlock on top of the water tank can be pulled open and the tank top
slid open. Chariot Canyon has a little water in the stream about 5 minutes
up the creek.  Harriet was there at Scissors with another hiker, too.

As of yesterday Wednesday May 9, we've left 128 gallons at Scissors Crossing
(there are 30 gallons there right now 'til Friday 5/11 when we resupply.
We'll be sure water is available at Scissors Crossing 'til June 10.  If
anyone is starting late, email me and we'll be sure there is water for you.
The last 2 days it's been about 105 degrees at Scissors Crossing.  Up at the
Lucky 5 stash, Charlie and Laura and Jim and I keep the water supply
going....about 58 gallons so far, with 25 available now.

We left a small note pad and pen as people were leaving us thanks on little
scraps.  Here are the messages from folks passing through; we thought you
might enjoy sharing them.
Between Wednesday 5/2 am and Fri 5/4 early p.m.:
"Robin's mom will be happy to know that angels are looking after us.  Thanks
so much."  Robin & Marcus
"and thanks from the Worldman"
"Thanks a lot!" From Don, Tom & Jeff
"This really is a gift from the heavens.  Thank you so much (we truely mean
that.) Jaime & Ben

And from Friday 5/4 early p.m. to Sunday 5/6 about 8 a.m.:
"You have just saved me a hike to town, this is very much appreciated" Bob
"Thank you so much for taking the time.  You have helped us tremendously!"
Jason "Puff" Rhodes
"Thanks a lot, you make life a little bit easier" TOMCAT
"Much appreciated" Steve
"What a great supprize.  Thanks so much." Dave "Huff" Rhodes
"Thank you very much.  This came at the perfect time." Savage
"Ditto the above. Thanks" Chris
"Thanks for the drink." Pat
5/5 "Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!" OZ
"Thanks" Del Rider

We saw Del there Sunday morning.  He had come out Tuesday on the bus to
Campo with 6 others; started Wednesday morning.  Met 4 others there at
Campo, too.  He's hiking faster than the others, had hiked the pct years
ago; in fact, when the trail from Scissors up the hill was being built, he
was the first hiker through it (they were still working on building the
trail there).

And from Sunday 5/6 to Wednesday 5/9 about 11 a.m.:
"Thank you so much, an unplanned but very appreciated surprise" Hawk + 2A2
Mex-->Can '01
"thanx" Ron
"God Bless You!  I was so thirsty that I would have given U my car for
water, if I had one" Rufus
"Barka da ruwa! (Blessings on the water in hausa)" Foxtrot the Fairly Fried
"Thanks"  Earthsurfer

Yesterday we ran into Marc Logan, "Crown Vic" and Paul "Sierra Mango"
resting under the bush. They're hot, but doing well.  They said about 7 more
groups were not far behind.