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[pct-l] Starters May 6 to 9

I dropped off Josh Schmidt and his hiking companion at 4:15 today.  They =
couldn't wait till tomorrow.  When I stopped at Campo Store for a soda, =
there was Gregor from Slovinia who had missed the Campo bus by 10 =
minutes, so he took a cab to Campo from El Cajon.  65 bucks.  I drove =
him out to the monument, and then tried again for the soda at Campo =
Store.  Got inside this time and found Marylin and Ken getting off the =
bus.  Took them to the monument.  There were 17 names in the book for =
May 7 alone. Counting the 5 I just mentioned, 30 started during the =
period May 6 to May 9.  I have 2 more hikers in the next 2 days, so it =
is looking like Friday morning will be my last trailhead run this =
season.  BTW, got a phone call from John Farber, who is hiking with his =
wife Sharon and their companion Todd Griffith.  They are laying up for 4 =
days or so to let Todd's blisters heal.  They wanted me to report that =
the Mt Laguna PO has shifted its hours.. Old hours 8 to 4, new hours =
noon to 4.  There were 15 hikers waiting the PO to open today. Hike on!! =
 Bob Riess=20

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