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[pct-l] Brian in Big Bear........

In a message dated 5/9/2001 5:41:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
WilliamEdwardKendall@msn.com writes:

> "Hi ....my name is Joe-Thru-Hiker, and I do 30 mile days, and everybody else
> is a PUNK".

I don't see that attitude coming from Brian.  Do you?  

Considering the kid's already hiked over 2500 miles, mostly through snow, I 
see many 30 mile plus days ahead on the PCT and that's what he has to do in 
order to complete his personal challenge.  

No one's making him do this and I really don't believe he's doing it for 
bragging rights, although if he completes, he'll certainly earn them.  
Regardless, he appears to be enjoying himself, the trail and the people he 

Barring injury, if you gaze into your crystal ball, Brian's likely to being 
doing many 10 (or less) mile days through New England come November and 
December.  That's if he makes it through October snows (wherever they may be).

Go Brian!   (who'll probably be in Wrightwood this after ; )


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