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[pct-l] Sierra Snow

The snow surveys in the High Sierra all show a very steep meltoff - water 
content decline curve.  Upper Tyndall Creek near Forrester Pass is at 11.3 
inches of water content.  Depending upon saturation, this could be from about 
18 to several feet of snow. However, the decline curve projects to zero water 
content in just 14 days!

As indicated from historical analysis looking at the amount of snow in early 
March suggested that this year would be an early melt off in the Sierras.  It 
appears, barring late Spring storms that CAN occur and drop significant snow 
in mid to late May, that this will be a good year to bet on entering the 
Sierra early.    

The early hikers at Aqua Dulce now could find the High Sierra a cake walk.  
All appropriate caveats, YMMV and HYOH apply.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel