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[pct-l] Brawny Update

Carol called today from Idyllwild, CA, she has hiked 180 miles since =
April 27.  She is resupplying and plans to be back on the trail =
tomorrow.  She is hiking with others now, though she was alone yesterday =
when she got lost briefly in the snow covered mountains above Idyllwild. =
 She has had 2 more rattlesnake encounters.  One snake was just hanging =
out under a shady bush as she hiked by it, but she put her foot down =
about 10 inches from another one in Nance Canyon.  There were no =
casualties, she said the snake rattled and slithered away.  She is in =
good spirits and is doing well, but concerned about the snow.  She =
expects to be in Big Bear City in about a week.  She mailed additional =
journal entries to me and they should be posted by this week-end.  Her =
journal entries for April 30 - May 3 were received yesterday and have =
been posted to her journal page, which is located at:

http://www.trailquest.mynet.ws/BRpct2001.html .

David Mauldin

To Walk In The Wilderness Is Freedom

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