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[pct-l] Brian in Big Bear........

At 10:24 AM -0800 5/8/01, Welter, Ed wrote:
>Yeah, I agree.  From reading his journals it looks like he's still enjoying
>it though.  I sure hope so because that's not exactly a "stop and smell the
>roses" type of pace.  There are hikers that would do that kind of mileage
>just to announce they did that kind of mileage, which is that unfortunate
>competitive ancillary of long distance hiking that some people get caught up
>in.  But as long as he's enjoying it, hey, more power to him.   -swoosh
>From: 	ChsyHkr@aol.com [mailto:ChsyHkr@aol.com]
>276 miles in 9 days,  when does he sleep?

I have done 250 miles in 10 days...and that ain't no fun! I don't rememeber
a thing and barely remember where I was :-)

Certainly I rememeber no one I met, nor what I ate-- just 20 to 30 miles
per day.. it is what I call a "slog"...18-25 is much better.

Just my  1.6129  km worth ;-)