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[pct-l] San Gabriels snow update

The Angeles Crest Hwy is open from Wrightwood to Vincent Gap, despite 
what the Caltrans website says. (It is still closed from Vincent Gap 
to Islip Saddle).
  I climbed probably a third of the way to the summit of Mt 
Baden-Powell yesterday.  Didn't have time to go to the top but some 
climbers were.  I saw patches of north-facing snow as low as probably 
6400', and I turned back at probably 7500' where drifts on the trail 
were about 6' deep.  No trees down in the part I hiked, and 
overlooking the trail on Blue Ridge it didn't look like there was any 
snow over there.
 From Palmdale I can see that the summit of BP is very snowy. I expect 
that it would be prudent to bypass BP and Mt Williamson for the next 
several weeks.

Kevin Corcoran