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[pct-l] Trekking poles

In a message dated 5/7/2001 2:48:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
woodsps@home.com writes:

> It's still early in the season and I've already noticed that the trail
> margins are well-tilled and ready for cultivation this spring, at just about
> shoulder width and down to trekking pole tip depth.
> We can't avoid some impact. We leave foot prints, and metal-shod stock
> certainly have the heaviest effect.
> Is this additional impact really necessary, and what are the long-term
> repercussions?

I get dismayed everytime I hear someone complain about impact caused by 
hiking poles.  It's a trail, that in itself, is a huge impact on the natural 
environment.  The trail itself creates erosion. Minor erosion caused by 
hiking poles comes with the package that is the trail, that two foot wide 

I seriously doubt many trail maintainers have any major issues with hiking 
pole use and the damage that's perceived and the ones I've talked to 
personally agree.  


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