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[pct-l] Water Agua Dulce to Mojave (and Beyond)

Since no one has passed through north yet, I haven't had the opportunity =
to get an updated water report.  I do have my reports from last year at =
this same period of time, but in the section referenced water conditions =
change rapidly.  Consequently, you'll need to continue checking reports =
for current conditions.  We just had the first northbounders arrive =
yesterday, so they should be able to provide some current info within =
the next two weeks.  As has been said again and again, do not count on =
water caches!

Please note that the following water report was for LAST YEAR (2000).  I =
will update with a current report as soon as hikers have passed through =
and validated the information.  Water info for Wrightwood to Agua Dulce =
will be posted at the Big Bear Fire Station.  Info will also be posted =
at the PCTA website.
WATER REPORT 5/30/00 - CALL 661-268-1235 WITH UPDATES


* Water seeping at Bear Spring.  Look uphill  from the seepage  about 20 =
yards; there should be a pipe where the spring head is dripping (not =
much water).

* Water planted at Bouquet Canyon before road crossing.  This is the =
Anderson's water cache.

* Water at various springs through section to San Francisquito.  Able to =
pull a bottle out as of 5/30/00.  Water at Ranger Station. =20

* No piped water at Upper Shake.=20

* Take Trail down to Lower Shake, which leads to stream northerly a =
couple of hundred yards. Stream to south of campground dry.=20

* Skip Atmore Meadow.  Continue past Atmore turnoff two miles. Road runs =
parallel to Trail; 10,000 gallon water tank at high point on Trail.  =
Called Red Mountain or Red Rock water tank. =20

* Go past Bear Camp 1/2 mile to dirt road - guzzler with big tank full =
of good snow melt water.   Stay on road 100 yards or so and it takes you =
back to Bear Camp. =20

* Pass Horse Camp (sag pond - not appealing).  1/4 mile past Horse Camp =
there's a fast -flowing stream.

* Cross Pine Canyon Road - no water 'til  Highway 138 - either Jack =
Fair's or Neenach School. =20

* Cottonwood Canyon has water running into trough (pretty unappealing)

* Tylerhorse has water.=20

* Oak Creek near the trail head at Willow Springs Road, about the same =
flow as above.


* First (and only) water at Golden Oak Springs - on trail, 16 miles from =
Hwy 58. =20

* Next water is at Robin Bird Spring (18 miles).  The spring is 100 =
yards downhill from trail (there are signs).

* There is water at Lawder Camp 1/2 way between Robin Bird and Kelso =
Valley Road.

* Next water is at the junction of Kelso Valley Road and Butterbread =
Road.  The water hole is an unnamed spring 1/2 miles downhill of the =

* Next water is Lower Yellow Jacket Spring (22 miles).  The camp and =
spring is one mile off the PCT on the Scodie Trail - Scodie Trail =
junction is signed.

* There is also water at McIver Spring, seven miles from Hwy 178.

* Piped water is turned on at Walker Pass Camp

-=3DDonna Saufley=3D-

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