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[pct-l] Water Drops in the Sierra Pelonas

>> Also, (and there may be more info on this on the PCTA site, just haven't
checked), does anybody know about the condition of the nasty cow-wallow
spring in Kelso Valley/Jawbone Canyon?  (The last source of almost on-trail
water south of the McGiver cabin, south of Walker Pass, I think)  That's a
spring that certainly needed cleaning up in '94, but I really haven't kept
up to speed on all the projects since then.  Ron? <<

Someone call my name? Actually I don't know the current water status in that
area. Joe's trail conditions on the site say's water's still plentiful. Yea
right. That's kind of like the guide book saying "your entering drier
climates" to describe the descent down into the brain frying desert. Or take
plenty of water and hike fast because death's angel is just a few feet
behind you.

Last year there were a couple of caches along that stretch. One a Kelso
Valley Road the other at Bird Spring Pass. The one at the Pass was
maintained by the BLM and was done daily. The other one was done by an
individual. Actually an older lady on motorcycle from what I was told. Quite
a character from what I heard from those who meet her.