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[pct-l] Water Drops in the Sierra Pelonas

Hi all - Strider let me know that he's aware of a bunch of water drops =
on the far south end of the trail; I'm wondering if anyone is doing any =
drops in the section between Agua Dulce & Mojave? =20

I'm up for helping out in a week or so once I get back to southern =

If not, well, there's always hiking....

Also, (and there may be more info on this on the PCTA site, just haven't =
checked), does anybody know about the condition of the nasty cow-wallow =
spring in Kelso Valley/Jawbone Canyon?  (The last source of almost =
on-trail water south of the McGiver cabin, south of Walker Pass, I =
think)  That's a spring that certainly needed cleaning up in '94, but I =
really haven't kept up to speed on all the projects since then.  Ron?=20


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