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Fwd: [pct-l] San Gabriel Mtns

Greg, from Palmdale I can see that north-facing slopes have snow to 
below 7000; the entire north side of Baldy (that I can see from here) 
is still solid WHITE.  It's gradient amounts of white-ness in 
between. My guess is that if one were to attempt to climb Mt 
Baden-Powell on the PCT today, one would be in snow almost the entire 
hike up from Vincent Gap. My guess is that significant depth 
beginning at 8000 would still await anyone who would try it today
Today the CALTRANS hotline said that the ACH is still closed between 
Inspiration Point and Islip Saddle.

Kevin Corcoran

>The overcast, heavy skies have finally cleared after several days to provide
>a clear view of the loftiest portions of the San Gabriel Mtns from a southern
>view point.  No snow is visible with the minor exception of some high ridges
>on Mt. Baldy.  The crest ridge which the PCT runs along for quite a ways
>appears to be clear.  Anyone on the north side have a north point of view
>Greg "Strider" Hummel
>PS:  I plan to hike up there in a week or so.
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