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[pct-l] Tent Selection Guide

1-I want the lightest available!
You should look into making the combined tarp/poncho entered in the ADZPCTKO
2001 gear contest. By using your hiking poles you get a competent tarp
leanto that weighs about 9 ounces. You will probably need a ground sheet 4
ounces.You can add a bug net for 4 ounces and an add-on tarp that
essentially creates a pup tent for another 3 ounces. For a pound plus [20
ounces] you get a competent shelter.

2-Fine but I want a sealed environment with a floor!
You should look into a wanderlust nomad lite. At $200 and 2 pounds this is a
fine tarp tent. {Uses hiking poles}

3-Fine but I want a storm worthy tent that doesn't rain condensation because
of its single wall design. I want big windows for ventilation and view
You should save your pennies for a Stephenson 2RSBD 35 ounces and room to
fit two. Price $500. {doesn't use hiking poles}