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[pct-l] ADZPCTKO, tent vs. tarps, et all.

Just got back from the kickoff and my head and body is still buzzing. It was
a looong drive home. Can't talk for everyone else, but I had a great time.
More info and pictures will be posted in a while.

Stopped off along the way home for a night at Hikers Oasis.  Pat and Paul
are busy at work making they new home habitable for hikers. It'll be a
fantastic stop over when complete. I'm looking forward to coming back soon.

As to the T vs. T discuss, not sure what I can offer. The problem with this
kind of discussion it that where the tent is located is just as important,
if not more so, than whether there's a ground sheet or not. My own little
Sierra Designs Start Flight - same one Strider took on the PCT 24 years ago
-  has a couple of hundred pin hole in the floor. It's never seen a ground
cloth. Yet last time I took it out, my holey tent floor was dry while a
number of my companions were swimming in water despite a solid floor and
ground cloth. 

I'm no guru on thermo-dynamics, so I won't get into a debate about water
pressure, permeability, etc. It makes for nice head games, but in the end
that's about all it is. If you want to sleep dry learn where to place your
tent in the first place. 

In the end it's up to you to protect yourself and not depend solely on  the
tent. Of course these days I strictly use tarps. 

Ron "Fallingwater" Moak