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[pct-l] Re: How was the ADZPCTKO weekend?

Rob Langsdorf writes:

> >What was the estimated number that turned out for it?
We counted about 70 people on Friday night
We fed approximately 135 or so on Saturday night
Another 15 to 30 people came after dinner Saturday night and I'm not sure of 
the number because we didn't get them to sign a list of attendees.
So, the long answer is, we figure approximately 165 people all together 
between Friday and Saturday.

>>How many through hikers seem to be headed north this year?

About 50 showed for the ADZ.   Another 35 or so either passed us up or left 
before the event on Saturday. Others have already left and did not attend.  
Bob Reiss and others probably have a better idea of this number.

>>  What great new devices did you see there and what new things did you 
learn about backpacking and about the Pacific Crest Trail? 

A really cool cup was designed, manufactured and entered into the gear 
contest.  It was a plastic 1/2 liter bottle cut off about 5 inches from the 
bottom.  They put boiling water into it once to shrink it.  Then wrapped an 
inch tall ring of Styrofoam cut from a Styrofoam cup around the outside 2/3 
of the way up and secured this by covering it with a piece of duct tape.  The 
thing weighed less than the Titanium cup I gave away as a prize and you can 
hold boiling water in it!

New things about the PCT:  You're never too old to hike thru, its never too 
late to start thinking about rehiking thru, young love on a honeymoon on the 
PCT might just be the best combination of nature and human existence, and, of 
course, my Kelty Tioga, Bigfoot NF polarguard sleeping bag, and the rain fly 
from my SD Starflight used as a tarp could still all be used on a re-hike!

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel