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Some inaccuracies: Re: [pct-l] More about tents and tarps.

If your tent floor is permeable - and most get that way pretty quickly, a ground cloth underneath or lining the tent floor (my preference) acts as a vapor barrier and keeps ground moisture from being volatised in the warm tent and condensing on the cooler tent wall.

Per a previous message - I've yet to get water in my ground sheet under the tarp, maybe I'm just lucky. One thing I've done when the rain is very heavy is to tie up the edges of the ground sheet to tarp on the wind/water side - it gives you a bathtub floor effect. You could tie the edges to a couple of stakes too - anything to get a couple of inches lip.


John wrote:

> While you may get condensation inside your tent, a ground cloth underneath the tent floor will have no effect on the condensation inside your tent. How can it?