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[pct-l] 130 Attend 3rd ADZPCTKO

Not the first or the best, since I am perpetually late for dinner,
and also because only half the people were in the group photographs,
the other half being group photographers, and not yet sorted very well,
but for what they are worth:

	(group pictures are 109-120)

Examine the image size very carefully before clicking on thumbnails.
Some of the high-res images will not download over a slow modem before
they are outdated by next year's event.

Much thanks to the organizers for all their hard work!    I wish the Morena
rangers put as much work into the hot water heater - the cold showers were
a challenge for lodge hikers like me.

Meanwhile I am off to the Laguna Mountain Lodge - an establishment worth
patronizing though no internet connections I imagine - 
I was all set to pay the regular $50 room rate when the 
manager asked if I was a PCT hiker - clued in by look or smell - 
and spontaneously lowered the price to $35 (cash - no credit cards).     
Then while I was sitting outside
drinking my coke and orange juice a young man, apparently employed there,
was using the public phone, apparently in attempt to revive an old flame
by long distance, and in his conversation with her
mentioned that he "met a lot of neat people here, including Pacific Crest
Trail hikers.    They hike from Mexico to Canada in three months!"

Well I wasn't going to burst anybody's bubble.    If you buy an outfit you
can be a hiker too.     And apparently most people can't tell if you're a 
half-section lodge hiker or a three-month through-hiker.


But Hauser Creek has subsided since the Border Patrol reported it was
"gun belt deep" at the PCT crossing.    You couldn't get your gunbelt wet
if you dragged it in the dust behind you.